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The number one issue with Thunder Bay is not the lack of civic pride, racism, substance abuse, etc. The number one issue facing Thunder Bay is the understanding that its population is not going to grow. There’s been a carrot dangling in front of decision makers and citizens that changes year after year of what’s going to create or attract the population; from health innovation to geology research to immigration to education.

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Sunderland Hull City. Don’t miss this one, folks. By my count, Hull have only one fit and eligible striker, Dieumerci Mbokani, so we might see the 4 5 1 from the second half against Southampton. And they are bringing in important audiences particularly women, Hispanics and Millennials who have otherwise turned more to online entertainment. Horror also does well overseas, where studios make the majority of their revenues. Bloody slashings and haunted houses spook a moviegoer equally in Buenos Aires as in Beijing..

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